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Coco Austin branded as ‘trampish’ over recent outfit choice (PHOTO)

Coco Austin and her husband Ice T celebrated their 15th anniversary on New Year’s Eve, and the happy couple decided to share a photo of their special moment with fans.

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Taking to Instagram, Austin posted the sweet shot, which shows her wearing a revealing black dress (seriously, her post-baby body is amazing) while having an intimate dinner with her man. She captioned the picture, “It was me and Ice’s 15th year anniversary on New Years Eve.. This was our best year yet producing little Chanel. Feeling blessed.”

But rather than congratulate Ice T and Austin on their milestone achievement, haters took issue with her choice of outfit, blasting her for it in the comments section of the post.

“Ohh coco.. why arent [sic] you a classy woman??? You’re [sic] clothes is [sic] so ugly,” nastenka11 wrote.

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“You look great but damn you dress more like stripper! That shit needs to be out for 2015. Get with 2016,” 4414u shared.

Other critics slammed Austin because she’s now a mom, claiming she should dress more conservatively because of this. “Hey…. You’re a mom now…. Tone it down…. class goes a long ways!”, sailorsunite wrote.

“Dress respectfully like a mother should…would you want your daughter dressed like this? Trampish! You’re a mom now-set a graceful example!” suefranlore claimed.

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But Coco has a message for her all haters.

Do you think the backlash Coco Austin received is unfair? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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