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Scott Disick reveals he may be suicidal on KUWTK

When news of Scott Disick’s antics with Chloe Bartoli first hit headlines, Keeping Up with the Kardashians viewers had little sympathy for his ensuing relationship problems. A few, however, have since changed their mind, in part because Disick confessed to being suicidal in the aftermath of his Monte Carlo escapade.

Kourtney Kardashian finally decided to end her relationship with Scott Disick, but now that she knows more about his mindset in the aftermath of his indiscretions with Chloe Bartoli, she may be rethinking things. Even after everything he’s done, Disick knows how to make people feel bad for him. He once again tugged at the heartstrings of the Kardashians and KUWTK viewers when he apologized for his terrible behavior and admitted that his bad decisions had cost him a lot.

Scott Disick
Image: E!

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In an especially poignant — and rather alarming — moment, Disick admitted that the thought of suicide had crossed his mind on several occasions in the aftermath of last summer’s scandal. Additionally, Disick confessed that when he reached his lowest point, the thought of his kids was enough to keep him going. However, despite the kids being a bright point in his otherwise miserable life, Disick claimed that he was more unhappy than he had ever been.

Scott Disick
Image: E!

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Typically, Disick likes to deflect blame. He’s not one for making big apologies, as evidenced by his awkward conversation with Kris Jenner during a previous episode. However, while chatting with the Kardashians about his bad behavior, he finally seemed willing to own up to his mistakes. He also shared his intention to get a handle on his issues so that he can be a better dad. A surprising number of viewers found themselves convinced by his resolution. A few of these individuals even claimed that Disick should have another chance at a relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

Disick gained the sympathy of several viewers during tonight’s episode of KUWTK, but his “poor me” shtick certainly didn’t have everybody convinced. Many viewers are just as determined as ever to see the worst in Disick — and he doesn’t exactly make this difficult! Prior to his big apology, Disick was criticized for his apparent pursuit of other attractive women. As the annoyed Kardashians implied, actions often speak much louder than words. If Disick really wanted to make amends, he would avoid the behavior that landed him in so much trouble in the first place. It’s easy to apologize and talk about feeling regret, but now, it’s up to Disick to prove that he’s a changed man.

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Did you feel bad for Scott Disick when he apologized to the Kardashians? Or did you view his apology as another form of manipulation? Comment and share your opinion below.

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