Galavant: King Richard and his new love are Season 2's couple to root for

Jan 3, 2016 at 11:47 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

Galavant had its fair share of romantic twists in Season 1, but tonight's newest romance totally melted our hearts.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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Galavant kicked off Season 2 with surly pirates, all our returning cast members, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek pop-culture references... basically, it began with just the opening number we'd been hoping for. There was also an excellent guest appearance by Kylie Minogue, who wasted no time in ordering Galavant to show us his sexy chest! Her song, "Off With his Shirt," was on point!

Kylie Minogue in Galavant
Image: ABC/Nick Ray

But even though Galavant began tonight's episode determined to get back to his new beloved, Isabella (after finally realizing that Madalena is a total psycho), it was King Richard and his unexpected paramour who won our hearts.



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Yes, we know there are other couples in the show to root for — Gwynne and Chef, who just keep getting cuter and cuter (even as they get weirder and weirder), for example — but the fact that King Richard practically dissolved into child-like glee when he saw the unicorn was too adorable.


Of course, there was the issue of the unicorn liking King Richard because he's a virgin that made Richard immediately want to distance himself from his new friend... but what TV romance is ever smooth sailing from the get-go?


I mean, just look at Galavant and Isabella, for instance. Everything seemed primed for a happy reunion, and now because of one shoddy fortune teller, Isabella thinks Galavant doesn't love her... Great romances are built against a background of conflict!


Which is why, even though Richard scared the unicorn away with the Hero's Sword tonight (hmm, I wonder if that will come back later — wink, wink), we're holding out hope that he and that one-horned magical beast will overcome their differences and reunite in the end.

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Also, unicorns are awesome, so this one should make all the guest appearances it can!