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Galavant: 8 Things you need to know before Season 2 premieres

Did you miss last winter’s musical extravaganza, Galavant? Or are you one of the rabid fans who can’t wait for the series’ return? Either way, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to enjoy the season premiere!

Galavant may only run for four weeks, but it’s sure the be one of the highlights of the winter season! The comedy musical about a handsome knight trying to win back his beloved is full of entertaining twists, turns, and awesome songs.

1. It’s a musical

Galavant cast
Image: Todd Antony/ABC

Galavant features singing, dancing, sword fights… it’s a true musical event rooted in medieval times. If you like Once Upon a Time, The Princess Bride or musicals, then this show is for you! The cast is super talented, featuring fantastic voices that sell every song.

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2. Galavant is a hopeless romantic

Joshua Sasse in Galavant
Image: Nick Ray/ABC

The show’s hero, Galavant (played by Joshua Sasse) is a hopeless romantic who won the girl only to lose her (almost immediately) to the realm’s evil King Richard. Galavant spent the start of the first season drinking himself into a stupor over losing the love of his life, Madalena. Fortunately for him (and his liver), Princess Isabella shows up with a proposition that pulls the hero from his funk and gets him back in action!

3. He’s got two awesome sidekicks

Luke Youngblood and Karen David in Galavant
Image: Nick Ray/ABC

Whilst Galavant drinks himself silly, his squire, Sid, nearly loses his mind — so when Princess Isabella shows up, Sid is all about convincing Galavant to take her up on the job of helping save her kingdom. Of course, Galavant only accepts because he wants to prove himself to Madalena. Princess Isabella, we later find, wasn’t entirely truthful about the job and is anything but helpless herself, but she also turns out to be a way better love interest than Madalena…

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4. Madalena isn’t the sweet princess she pretends to be

Mallory Jansen in Galavant
Image: Daniel Liam/ABC

Poor Galavant thinks Madalena is a sweet, innocent Princess — but after the King kidnaps her, she decides to marry him for the fortune and fame, even though Galavant comes to rescue her, crushing our hero’s heart. The King thinks he’s won, but keeping the covetous Princess happy turns out to be anything but easy, sending him into a depression. Meanwhile, Madalena begins an affair with the court jester and spends her time plotting how to take over the kingdom, making the king miserable, and abusing the help.

5. The Evil King is seriously hilarious

Timothy Omundson in Galavant
Image: Todd Antony/ABC

The show begins with King Richard making quite the nefarious first impression, but by the end of the season, I think we were all feeling more than a little sorry for the hapless king who just wants to be loved. It doesn’t hurt that his man-servant, Gareth (played by Vinnie Jones), is a surrogate big brother/nanny/best friend to the king, making the scenes between the two of them some of the most hilarious.

6. The kingdom is in jeopardy

Kemaal Deen-Ellis in Galavant
Image: Nick Ray/ABC

Remember how we said Madalena was scheming to take over the kingdom? Well, she does anything and everything she can think of to stir up trouble, and at the end of the first season, things are not looking up for the kingdom. Galavant and King Richard are at sea with singing pirates and Madalena has killed Richard’s awful older brother who was trying to steal the throne (so she could steal it herself). Oh, and the not-quite-true story that Isabella told Galavant in episode 1? Well, it turns out she’s promised to the young prince of another country, who locks her up in a super creepy dollhouse.

It’s safe to say our hero has rough seas ahead…

7. The show features some great guest stars

Hugh Bonneville and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill in Galavant
Image: Nick Ray/ABC

At least Galavant will be in good company! The pirates he and King Richard stow away with are captained by Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), and Galavant has already spent time in Season 1 with guest stars Ricky Gervais, Weird Al Yankovic, Rutger Hauer and John Stamos! With a first season run of guest stars like that, you can be sure Season 2 will feature even more familiar faces!

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8. It only runs for four weeks

Image: Todd Antony/ABC

Make sure you mark your calendars, because the series is short. Although shot in half-hour episodes, ABC airs the episodes in pairs, so Galavant will only be on the air for four weeks this January!

Galavant airs at 7/8c, Sunday January 4th, on ABC

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