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Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s resolutions are almost normal

In true Kardashian fashion, Kim shared her resolutions for 2016 — and they’re almost relatable.

In a post on her website shared by Us Weekly, Kardashian opened up about her plans for the new year. She doesn’t “necessarily believe in the traditional New Year’s resolutions,” but prefers to “[set] goals to keep pushing yourself forward.” Sounds healthy to us!

She wrote, “To be honest, I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions. I’ve done them before, but I don’t believe in them. For some people, they are a good jumping off point, but for me, I like to set goals throughout the year. I think setting little goals every month is productive and long-term goals (like saving money or learning a new language) are important, too. But I don’t need a new calendar year to do that.”

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With the birth of her son Saint West in December, Kardashian especially doesn’t need a new year to shake up her life. She did manage to set a few tangible goals: “In the coming months, I’d like to shed the baby weight. That’s the big one to accomplish first! I’d also like to finish our home next year, so we’re working hard to make decisions and meet deadlines so it gets done.”

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And here’s where it goes a little off the rails. “I [also] want to do a couple more fun weekend trips with my Twitter followers that I haven’t met yet … [and] I want to plan a West family vacation — it’s a project in itself to find the time! Oh, I also want to learn how to do the splits LOL!” Our advice for 2016: Start following Kim Kardashian on Twitter ASAP.

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