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Jill Duggar’s recent pic has fans genuinely concerned for Derick’s health

On New Year’s Eve, Jill Duggar took to Instagram to share with everyone just how much she loves her husband, Derick Dillard, but fans are extremely worried about him.

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“I [heart] my hubby @derickdillard,” Jill captioned a picture of herself and Dillard smiling into the camera. But instead of commenting on the couple’s happiness, fans have remarked on how ill Dillard looks.

This is not the first time Dillard’s looks have been criticized, with haters previously taking issue with his adult braces. But this time, it seems less about hating on his looks and more about being genuinely concerned for his health.

Comments on the post include one from brandi_landingham, who shared, “I only say this out of concern. He looks sick. Please go to the Doctor ASAP!”

Terri_akersalso also commented on Dillard’s health, writing, “Its [sic] obvious they need our prayers. He has lost too much weight.”

“It’s not haters people are concered [sic] for him I think he looks so unhealthy,” janessamell wrote.

Mrs_cathy_zinner shared similar sentiments, writing, “He looks anorexic. His face is gaunt, and his eyes are sunk in. Compare wedding day photos with this photo. Definitely something wrong.”

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And Instagram user laurarogersclark feels Dillard needs to get checked out, and soon. She wrote, “I absolutely love them, so this comment is truly out of concern. Being a RN he really needs to be checked for parasites he is clearly malnourished, and general labs ran. his eye makes me think something is going on he needs this thyroid checked, liver panel and any other test they can do.

“I love you all and only wish you the best but please don’t blow this off get him help. diabetes? usually you see type 1 in children and type 2 in over weight adults but i [sic] have a 25 yo niece that was just dx [sic] with type 1 which cause a lot of weight loss. I’d check for tape worms [sic].”

Do you think there is a legitimate reason to be concerned about Derick Dillard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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