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Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood bashed after winning custody of her daughter

Amber Portwood is spending the holiday season celebrating winning back partial custody of her daughter, but some fans of the Teen Mom franchise aren’t really sharing in her joy.

Portwood confirmed in a recent interview that she has finally come to a custody settlement with her ex-fiancé, Gary Shirley, and the former couple will share custody of their daughter Leah. Shirley was previously granted full custody of Leah in 2012, after Portwood received a 5-year prison sentence for drug related offenses. Portwood was released from jail in 2013.

We finally came to an agreement and I’m very happy that Gary and I are going to share joint custody of Leah,” Portwood said in a statement to OK! Magazine. “This is something I’ve been waiting for. The time is perfect.”

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“We talked for 30 minutes and I said, ‘This is not healthy for any of us, this is not healthy for Leah, let’s just be adults and do this,'” she added. “There are certain things I did that made him feel a little better about it.”

But some Internet users were not sharing Portwood’s warm sentiment.

“Give me a break. She chose drugs over this kid,” one Radar Online reader commented. “Both her and her fat, disgusting baby daddy are garbage. This child will only have a life of misery.”

“Neither one of them is a prime example of parenting. The garbage they spew in front of that poor child, should be criminal,” wrote another commenter.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Portwood was very publicly feuding with Shirley, as evidenced by the new clip from Teen Mom OG in which Portwood says she thinks Shirley is trying to brainwash Leah to turn her against her mother.

“It was in the beginning of the custody battle,” Portwood said in the recent interview of the preview clip. “Things were being said over there. We have a great relationship and then all of a sudden she didn’t want to come over she had never said that before. I said something to Gary and she hasn’t been that way since. We’re back to normal.”

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It has been a bumpy road for Portwood as she bravely faced her addiction battles, but she seems to have a handle on her demons and Leah’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, her comments to OK! about sitting down with Shirley might be the most mature statement we’ve heard from her so far. There’s no reason she doesn’t deserve a second chance to be a good mom to her daughter.

What do you think? Are the haters comments about Portwood unfair?

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