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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee reveals 6 facts about President Obama

From his 2008 campaign to his recent shenanigans with Jerry Seinfeld, Barack Obama has long been thought of as a cool president. He certainly played up this side of his presidency during his recent appearance on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In addition to learning more about the president’s cool factor, viewers discovered these intriguing tidbits while watching the season premiere.

1. He only owns one black suit

Dad jeans aside, President Obama has a snazzy wardrobe, which primarily includes blue and gray suits. Black is a bit too harsh for a president — he prefers to soften his look with something a bit lighter.

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Obama and Seinfeld
Image: Crackle

2. In his opinion, there is nothing less cool than wandering around the White House in his skivvies

Seinfeld seemed very intrigued about the idea of the president hanging out in the Oval Office in his underwear. But Obama crushed this dream by claiming that “it’s not cool, generally, wandering around in my underwear.”

3. He sees a connection between politics and football

When Seinfeld asked Obama which sport he thought most resembled politics, he expected to hear a lengthy explanation about chess. Instead, Obama told him all about the many ways in which football and politics are alike.

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4. He is obsessed with nachos

President Obama has a clear appreciation for football, so kicking back with him during a game would be a blast. However, sharing a plate of nachos during a game is out of the question. He told Seinfeld that if this tasty treat isn’t taken away from him, he inevitably ends up with “guacamole coming out of my eyeballs.”

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Image: Crackle

5. As a child, he looked up to Teddy Roosevelt… and not for the reason you might expect

Although Obama takes inspiration from several of history’s great presidents, he has always found Teddy Roosevelt the most fascinating. According to Obama, Roosevelt would have been fun to hang out with, since he was a “cool character” and always did “crazy stuff.”

6. He’s not afraid to joke about his perception as a cool president

Obama knows that many of his hard-core fans think that he’s super cool. He doesn’t always agree with this, but in general, he likes being thought of as the cool president. That being said, nothing made him feel cooler than driving in the 1963 Corvette Stingray that Seinfeld delivered to the White House.

Those who tuned in for the season premiere of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee were full of praise for the president, who they referred to as friendly, humorous and, yes, cool.

What did you think of President Obama’s appearance on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Has your perception of his presidency changed? Comment and share your opinion below.

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