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Tara Reid’s bikini selfie rudely bashed by her followers (PHOTO)

Tara Reid gets shamed by her Instagram followers for posting a skinny selfie.

Tara Reid was having a great vacation until she posted a bikini selfie with her sister in the hot tub.

Reid captioned the photo, “Spa day with my sister @collreid in Palm Desert.”

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At first, her fans complimented her. @smithon30a wrote, “You are so beautiful @tarareid.”

But then, soon enough, the haters jumped on the post to shame Reid’s body.

@peter_wolfinger commented, “Not hating at all… just… you need to eat.” Actually, that is hating.

@_chilito jumped in on the action with, “Weird boobs.”

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@lhadyfranco said, “Very ugly!!” Because it’s so beautiful to tell a stranger she is ugly.

@stacyy77 commented, “Gross Tara… like for real! You are so beautiful!! Go try some weight building proteins gril! Please before you shrink up all together and die (sic)!!”

@lizzyplute, “She looks like death warmed over. Not cute at all. All u see is bones.”

@jamieywolb, “She needs to get her boobs done again.”

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But all of the hate seemed to backfire, as Reid’s fans rushed to defend her. The most poignant comment came from @the_holychild.

“I can’t believe how much hatred is on this post! These girls are both beautiful and are just siblings trying to enjoy a relaxing spa day with good company. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t make them any less human or make it okay for you to shame their body types. All of these comments say nothing about these women’s external beauty but instead are very telling of the commenters’ lack of internal beauty. @tarareid – do whatever makes you happy and healthy and don’t let anyone bring you down in the process. The rest of you? Make it your resolution to start spreading POSITIVITY. XO (sic).”

I couldn’t say it better myself. Stay strong, Tara Reid. Ignore the haters!

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