Andy Cohen weighs in on Yolanda Foster’s divorce and is clearly on her side

As far as Andy Cohen is concerned, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster’s divorce isn’t a surprise.

On Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live, the host gave his insider perspective on Yolanda and David’s divorce.

“I wasn’t surprised because, you know, in every relationship, there’s a flower and there’s a gardener — and I think maybe he thought he was the flower in that relationship and she was the gardener, and she was taking care of her lemon tree — which was David Foster,” he said. “And maybe she became the flower because she was sick and needed to be taken care of and also she was getting famous because of the show.”

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In the weeks following the couple’s divorce announcement, Yolanda has pointed to her Lyme disease as a possible reason for the split. On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, filmed seemingly before the couple had decided to split, she said, “The minute I got married, I got sick,” she said. “Obviously, it has been very taxing on my relationship. David gets impatient and he’s allowed to get impatient. It’s a tough deal for him as well.”

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She seemed to know where the relationship was heading, saying, “We used to do everything together. That is over. It’s life, and we’re either gonna all get through it together, or we’re not.”

As her producer and friend for four seasons, Cohen clearly saw the issues as well. Let’s hope both Fosters get to be gardeners in 2016.

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