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Dance Moms cast falls victim to another hack — but they’ve had enough

The Dance Moms cast has a lot more to worry about than just their catfights and dance moves. They have reportedly been hacked again by a hacker group simply referred to as “The Mean Girls.”

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Sources close to the cast told TMZ that the hackers, who are believed to be a group of teen girls, have repeatedly hacked the cast — including Abby Lee Miller, Mackenzie Ziegler and Kelly Hyland — including their emails, cellphones, PayPal accounts and iCloud accounts. They subsequently share the private information on social media.

Which clearly results in harassment, as Ziegler is reported to have woken up to more than 2,000 messages on Tuesday morning.

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But the cast is now taking desperate measures; members have reportedly contacted the FBI in hopes of getting to the bottom of this case. Apparently, the FBI has been on the case since last month, but the final hack has made them take notice, and it is now a priority.

But it’s not just the FBI that is on the case; the local law enforcement is, too. So, with all these highly qualified individuals looking out in the interest of the cast, could this be the last time the team is hit by the hackers? Or is this only the beginning?

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Only time will tell.

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