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Yolanda Foster uses shocking manipulation with her kids prior to surgery

Yolanda Foster does not look so hot these days, and while some people doubt the legitimacy of her Lyme disease claims, it’s pretty obvious that something’s wrong. Her health issues have taken a physical and emotional toll, but now, fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills feel she is unfairly putting the burden on her kids.

Being the child of a Housewife is likely challenging in and of itself, but having a reality star mom with significant health issues must be especially stressful at times. Unfortunately, Foster is not doing much to ease this burden. Granted, it is her children’s job to be a source of support for their mother during this trying time, but they are young, so there is only so much they can realistically handle.

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The last thing Foster’s kids needed right before sending their mom off to surgery was to see her will. Yes, it’s smart for her to make sure her kids are prepared for a possible future without their beloved mother, but timing is important. When a will is flashed in front of their faces immediately prior to surgery, the implication is that their mom probably won’t make it.

Yolanda Foster and her mom
Image: Bravo

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Foster is not typically thought of as the most drama-prone of the Beverly Hills Housewives, but in the midst of the Lyme disease controversy, a few former fans are beginning to rethink their once-rosy perception of this beloved Housewife. She certainly took the drama to a new level when she decided to bring up her will at such an inopportune moment. According to a few disgruntled viewers, she was, in addition to overly dramatic, incredibly manipulative. Several of these annoyed RHOBH fans took to Twitter to share their displeasure, with a few even claiming that Foster’s decision to force her kids to look over her will was downright cruel.

Although many RHOBH fans were upset about Foster’s timing, a few thought that it was important for her to prepare her kids for the worst-case scenario. Instead of accusing Foster of being manipulative, these fans applauded the bravery with which she tackled this difficult conversation.

Yolanda Foster
Image: Bravo

Regardless of how they interpreted the scene involving Foster’s will and her kids, nearly all fans agreed that it was the most uncomfortable scene in an already-awkward episode of RHOBH. The awkwardness with Foster is bound to continue as the show follows a story line far too reminiscent of Brooks Ayers on RHOC.

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Do you think Yolanda Foster behaved in a manipulative manner during tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Comment and share your opinion below.

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