Kate Gosselin’s kids want TLC to consider a Kate Plus 8 name change

Kate Gosselin’s kids don’t think the name Kate Plus 8 fits what the show is really about.

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Rather, Gosselin’s children call out their mom tonight for getting to do all of the fun stuff when it comes to landscaping their yard, and Leah suggests that the show be renamed to “Kate Plus Kate.”

Now, we doubt she was actually serious about a name change. Rather, Leah was just calling out her mom’s type A personality. Not to mention, the kids weren’t too happy that the landscape resulted in the destruction of their secret hideout. Although, Gosselin did make a good decision to keep the boys away from that chainsaw.

But Leah’s comment does bring up an interesting point about the show: What is it really about? Or is TLC just riding off the Gosselin name for ratings?

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It seems that everyone online really just enjoys poking fun at the Gosselins while throwing in some clever jokes as well. And Leah’s “Kate Plus Kate” quote definitely did not go unnoticed.

Now, I can actually relate to the show. I may only have two sisters, but the casual bickering and the way simple adventures turn complicated when family dynamics are added is all too familiar. And after being home for the holidays, no fact about the show struck me more than the utter normalcy of the Gosselin clan.

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Still, I’ve gotten my family fix for the holidays. And I’m not sure how much more I can take. Especially when the family isn’t even my own.

Why do you watch Kate Plus 8? Is it just for the Gosselin drama?

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