Farrah Abraham curses at her mom in front of her daughter (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham verbally attacks her mother, Debra, in front of her daughter, Sophia, in a clip from Teen Mom OG.

In a new clip from Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham talks to her mother, Debra, about caring for her daughter, Sophia, while Farrah is in England filming Celebrity Big Brother UK. As she lays down the ground rules for her mother, Farrah gets critical.

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“So you know, there are rules to my house, you know, ’cause sometimes you like to put the laundry in there with two things and waste soap,” Farrah tells her mom in the clip. “Sometimes you don’t understand how we wash, we clean.”

“Don’t worry, Farrah. If I need to wash something, I’ll buy the soap,” Debra replies. “It doesn’t matter to me.” 

But Farrah is offended by her mother and shoots back, “Oh, I’m not worried about the soap, and if that’s a bitchy comment you should probably hold it back. That’s why nannies get fired.”

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Debra reminds Farrah that she’s not a nanny, but a close family member who has her best interests at heart. But it falls on deaf ears.

“You know what I want? I want my mom to listen to me, and I want her to understand and not be a bitch to me when I say how I like things done,” Farrah yells as daughter Sophia slaps her arm to get her attention. “It’s very serious. It bothers me that I’m away from my daughter. You know how serious it is to me that I let you stay at my house and watch my daughter when I’m gone for a month? It’s so serious that I think of it as if I pass away and I need somebody to watch my daughter for 18 years to get her through life and make her successful that you would do that, and you’d better listen.”

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Debra’s eyes well up with tears as Sophia says to her mother, “You are having a bad attitude!”

If a 6-year-old needs to tell you how vicious you are, then you had better pause. Actually, a 6-year-old shouldn’t be exposed to that kind of language and tone.

Grandmothers aren’t nannies and Farrah should be grateful that her mother is stepping in to take care of her child. But if she needs to control every one of her mother’s actions, then please, don’t do it in front of Sophia.

Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, Jan. 4, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.


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