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Anderson East’s family reveals new Miranda Lambert details

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East are definitely a couple, according to East’s stepfather.

It’s official! Miranda Lambert is definitely dating fellow musician Anderson East.

According to In Touch Weekly, East’s stepfather, Randall Ennis, exclusively confirmed that Lambert and East have been seeing each other “for a couple of weeks.”

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Ennis also gave us some more information about Lambert’s mystery man. Firstly, East’s birth name is Michael Cameron Anderson.

“Michael’s an awesome kid,” Ennis gushed to In Touch. “He’s got his head on straight and knows what he wants in life… he’s just an amazing kid. He’s outgoing, he just never meets a stranger. He’s very polite.”

Polite is good. Having goals is great. It looks like Lambert’s new man is a pretty good catch. Not too shabby for a rebound.

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As for Lambert, Ennis has a lot less information. He actually doesn’t know much about her.

“To be honest with you, I don’t really follow country music so I really didn’t even know who she was,” Ennis revealed.

Maybe East can send his stepdad some of Lambert’s CDs or an iTunes gift card so he can get familiar with her music. It may be a good idea for him to make the effort. It sounds like East may be bringing Lambert around to his parents in the near future.

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Is East the kind of guy who would take a woman home to meet his mom? Ennis shared, “Oh I’m sure he will!”

If a guy’s a good catch, he’ll want his lady to meet his mom. Hopefully the two ladies will hit it off. Hopefully she’s already a Lambert fan and, if not, here’s hoping she becomes one in the near future.

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