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Duggar divorce leaves family shocked, and it’s getting ugly

There is an ugly divorce brewing in the Duggar family, and the mudslinging has already begun.

Cousin Amy Duggar King has always been sort of the black sheep of the family, and her parents’ divorce drama will only cement that reputation further. For while Anna Duggar so far has refused to leave Josh, even after he was revealed to have molested his own sisters and cheated on her, possibly with a porn star, Amy’s parents actually are pulling the trigger on a divorce — and it is already getting ugly.

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In documents filed in Arkansas, Amy’s father, Terry Jordan, claims that he separated from her mom, Deanna Duggar, due to her “intolerable” treatment of him.

“The Defendant has treated the Plaintiff with such indignities as to render his condition in life intolerable,” Jordan’s attorney, Elizabeth Finocchi, stated in the Washington County Circuit Court papers.

Hinting at a volatile relationship, the documents went on to claim the pair “resided together off-and-on” during their nine-year marriage. Back in 1992, Deanna filed a retraining order against Jordan, claiming he had threatened to kill her and “the baby” — likely Amy.

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The same restraining order cast doubt on whether or not Jordan is Amy’s biological father, as Deanna stated he had “no paternal roots” to her child.

Amy has not commented on her parents’ split, but her recent tweets reveal that she is seriously blue and contemplating the meaning of marriage.

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Will Anna and Josh be the next Duggars to hit up divorce court? Don’t hold your breath.

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