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Kim Zolciak under fire for playing dress-up with her 2-year-old (VIDEO)

Followers just can’t seem to give Kim Zolciak-Biermann a break.

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The reality star posted an adorable video to Instagram showing her 2-year-old daughter, Kaia Biermann, playing with some of mom’s makeup. In the clip, captioned, “My princess,” Kaia wears a headband adorned with a giant bow and pouts at the camera while Zolciak playfully sweeps a makeup brush across the toddler’s face, causing her to smile and turn away.

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It’s the kind of playful dress-up game any two year old would love to play with mom, but in the comments section on the video, Zolciak’s followers didn’t seem to agree.

“To little for makeup……. Let her be a baby girl !!” one follower wrote. Another begged Zolciak to let Kaia “just be a kid,” and still another called the game “screwed up.”

Luckily, some of Zolciak’s other followers came to her defense, calling out the haters and applauding the sweet mom and daughter game for being just that: a game.

“I love the way her little face lit up. She sees mommy and big sisters doing this and it’s normal for a wee one to want some too,” one follower wrote. Another added, “People are always quick to leave negative comments. I don’t get people who follow someone just to make negative remarks or comment on their parenting style. I don’t know how Kim does it. People always judging her on her parenting. Like get a life people and stop spewing so much hate. I am pretty sure Kims kids are just fine. I mean look at Brielle and Ariana, they are good girls they turned out good so far.”

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Do you think it’s inappropriate to play with makeup with a 2-year-old? Sound off down in the comments.

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Image: RWong/WENN

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