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Joe Giudice accused of cheating on Teresa just days before her prison release

What was Joe Giudice up to while he waited for his wife to get out of prison?

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In Touch reports he may have been behaving badly, just week’s before Teresa’s release.

According to the magazine, sources say Joe was at a New York strip club just 12 days before Teresa returned home.

An insider reportedly told In Touch that the Real Housewives of New Jersey husband attended an X-rated Christmas party at the club in New Paltz, New York’s Blue Moon Cabaret.

“This place is as sleazy as a strip club can get,” one source reportedly said, adding that Joe loves going to strip clubs because “he can find discreet hookups there.”

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Cheating rumors plagued the couple during Teresa’s time behind bars, but now that she’s home, the family has largely stayed out of the spotlight, presumably enjoying the holidays together. Joe Giudice is set to begin his own prison sentence now that Teresa has been released and can care for the couple’s four daughters.

It’s not the only controversy that has plagued the Giudice family recently — on Dec. 23, the day of Teresa’s release, it was revealed she had received a welcome home Lexus SUV, worth approximately $95,000, despite the family still owing $400,000 in restitution for their mail fraud and tax evasion convictions.

It’s possible that the car was a gift from the Giudices’ lawyer or even from Bravo, the network that airs the family’s successful reality specials, rather than from Joe, but that has not been confirmed nor denied.

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Do you think the rumors are true that Joe Giudice cheated on Teresa at a strip club just days before her prison release? Head down to the comments and tell us where you stand.

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