5 Times Bryan Cranston showed us he was a total softy

Bryan Cranston: We all know him as the tough guy, the family man turned criminal mastermind in Breaking Bad, and now, the blacklisted political power player in the movie Trumbo. But with all his commanding all-powerful qualities, we tend to forget that Bryan Cranston is more than the characters he plays — and kicks butt, no doubt.

In fact, Bryan Cranston is just as much a teddy bear, down-to-earth softy as he is a tough guy.

And to back this up, here are five times Bryan Cranston showed us his soft side

1. He is a true family man

He may play the guy who puts his family on the side lines to pursue his career adventures, but in real life, Cranston makes his family life a top priority. He works at it too. The 57-year-old actor is married to his wife Robin Dearden and openly talks about how madly in love the two are after more than 25 years.

Just take his darling comments here in his Humans of New York interview, after he took a beautiful photograph with his wife: 

“What’s your favorite thing about her?”

“She still gets giddy when she sees a firefly.”

Still, as much as he is open and honest about his love for his wife, he is clear that a happy family requires work. He isn’t afraid to work just as hard in his family life as he does in his career. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Cranston says that marriage is about communication and working to respect one another.

“And my wife and I go to a couples therapist. Our agreement is, if either of us feels like we want to go, the other can’t object,” Cranston says.

And he keeps a light hearted approach when it comes to working at his marriage: 

“I don’t believe there’s just one person for you,” he said. “And quite frankly, love among adults is conditional. ‘We’re in love, right now. Oops, you killed someone? OK, wait a minute, that’s kind of a problem for me.’ It’s all conditional.”

2. He cares about his fans

Cranston doesn’t have a cold bone his body. When a Breaking Bad fan reached out to Cranston via YouTube stating that the fan was battling cancer and his “living wish” was to talk to Cranston, Cranston Skyped with his fan to send him some love!

And he didn’t stop there! Cranston sent an ice-cream truck to his fan’s house! How sweet is that?

3. He cries about what his character has done

Remember that crazy scene where Walter White cold-heartedly kills Jane? Yep. That crazy scene where Walter White decides to off Jese’s girl. It was a crazy, crazy scene that made Walter White look as cold as ever. But in reality? Bryan Cranston was devastated over what Walter White had to do. In an interview with Bravo, Cranston cries about what his character has done. Watching it actually gives me chills.

“There was a push-pull inside of me to try and save her,” Cranston says to Bravo through a teary interview. “And at one point, I saw my daughter’s face instead of hers. That was the moment that choked me up.”

4. He gets a kick out of his character

He is just like his fans — and he isn’t afraid to show it. One time, Cranston dressed up as his drug lord character Walter White. Everyone in the crowds thought he was just a regular guy dressing up like everyone does at Comic Con. Only later did he walk up in front of the Breaking Bad panel to reveal his true identity. Talk about having a sense of humor and getting in on the fun.

5. He has an awesome sense of humor

Being a softy means being able to relax once in a while. And Cranston isn’t above making a joke or two, that’s for sure.