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Miranda Lambert isn’t afraid to date a younger man — and make NYE plans with him

Miranda Lambert has a new younger boyfriend named Anderson East.

Forget about Blake Shelton. Miranda Lambert has a new boyfriend! The best part is that he’s a younger man.

According to Us Weekly, Lambert’s been dating Americana/R&B musician Anderson East for about a month. A source shares that, “They are really enjoying each other’s company.” The couple is even “spending New Year’s together,” adds another insider.

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Lambert and East have a few things in common. First is music. East is a session musician and engineer in Nashville. Second is hunting. Third is fun. A source shares, “She couldn’t have picked a better dude to have fun with. Anderson is the coolest guy.”

Lambert split from ex-husband Blake Shelton in July. She talks about her divorce from Shelton in Cosmopolitan’s January issue: “I just want to live a life full of everything. Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey and going, ‘Man this sucks right now.’ I don’t necessarily want to know that I have really bad, long, lonely nights ahead of me, but I have had some, and I still have a bunch ahead of me.”

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It looks like the lonely nights are over, and there’s one surprising difference from Shelton. Lambert is 32 and Shelton is 39. Lambert’s new guy, East, is 27. The heart wants what the heart wants, and Lambert’s heart wanted a younger guy.

What’s also interesting is that Shelton is now dating Gwen Stefani, who at age 46 is seven years older than him. Both Lambert and Shelton rebounded with musicians, but went in opposite directions regarding age. Usually it’s the man who turns to a younger woman. I like that Shelton is romancing an older woman. I also like that Lambert is romancing a younger man.

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Take that, stereotypes!

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