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Miranda Lambert’s rumored new bf: 10 Things to know about Anderson East

It looks like Miranda Lambert may be back on the dating scene. Following her divorce from Blake Shelton this past summer, Lambert has reportedly begun seeing fellow musican, Anderson East. Here are 10 things to know about her rumored new guy.

According to Us Weekly, Lambert and East have only been seeing each other for about a month, but they apparently share a lot of the same interests and are planning on spending New Year’s together. “They are really enjoying each other’s company,” a source reportedly told the magazine. So who exactly is East? Here are 10 things to know about him.

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1. Anderson East isn’t his real name

East, who grew up in the town of Athens, Alabama, took on the stage name in 2010, but his real name is actually Michael Cameron Anderson. He released an album under the name Mike Anderson in 2009, before changing it about a year later.

2. He’s a rhythm and blues/pop musician

East has released three studio albums (one under the name Anderson) and two EPs since 2008. The most recent full-length record, Delilah, produced the single “Satisfy Me,” which was released in March 2015 and received consistent radio airplay.

3. He’s been writing songs since he was a kid

East has been showcasing since musical skills since a young age. He wrote his first song, called “Brains,” for a seventh-grade talent show.

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4. He has a strong church background

Part of East’s musical talents developed via his religious background. His father sang in the church choir and his mother reportedly played the piano in church. His grandfather was also a Baptist preacher.

5. He made his debut on major record label this year

East’s first major label release, Delilah, dropped in July of this year. The singer says the album name was reportedly inspired by the story of Sampson and Delilah in the Book of Judges. “That’s kind of the thread through the record: the woman that saved the crumbled man,” he told Pop Matters.

6. He studied music engineering

East went to college in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to study music engineering. He moved to Nashville two years later.

7. He’s an avid hunter

Per Us Weekly, East shares Lambert’s love of hunting. Case in point? In a Thanksgiving picture posted to his Instagram, Anderson posed while holding a hunting rifle.

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8. He has great appreciation for Nashville’s music scene

East is currently based out of Nashville and has spoken extensively about his appreciation for the talented community of singers and songwriters based in the area. “I think Nashville, in general, the best music in the world comes through there, whether it’s going to see a show or whatever,” he told The Bluegrass Situation.”I genuinely feel like, with few exceptions, the best musicians in the world are in that town right now. You see so much greatness every day to where you’re in some small town and somebody rolls through and your mind’s just blown.”

9. He has a wide range of musical influences

Anderson’s influences range from Led Zeppelin to Snoop Dogg. He also credits Michael Jackson for sparking his interest in music production.

10. He plays multiple instruments

Anderson first learned how to play guitar in middle school, after he saw his best friend’s older brother with one. In high school, he was inspired by musician Ben Folds and taught himself how to play the piano.

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