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The X-Files: 7 Things I learned from the new 21-minute preview (VIDEO)

Hold on to your tinfoil hats, The X-Files fans, because Chris Carter and the gang just dropped a 21-minute preview sure to get you even more excited about the show’s upcoming six-episode return!

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Ever since we found out The X-Files was coming back, we’ve been biting our nails in anticipation. What would the new episodes reveal? Would our long lost wonderments about alien takeovers and government conspiracies finally be answered? After watching the new preview dropped by Fox, I can say that things are definitely looking juicy in X-Files land!

Here are 7 things we learned from the preview:

1. Mythology and monsters

X-Files Reopened
Image: Fox

The X-Files will return with six new episodes, two of which will center around X-Files mythology (yay!) and four of which will be stand-alone episodes introducing some cool new monsters. The show’s charm and humor won’t be missing either, as one episode in particular seems to include a jaunty chase for a lizard man that includes an unfortunate run-in with a very sassy prostitute.

2. “The world has changed”

According to show creator, Chris Carter, the time is ripe for an X-Files return because of how much the world has changed since the show’s finale in 2002.

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“One of the reasons I was excited about coming back,” said Carter, “is that we’re dealing with a world that has changed completely from the time when the series ended in 2002, which was not long after the World Trade Center bombing. The American public had put their faith completely in the government. They didn’t want to know about government conspiracies, they wanted to know that their government was protecting them.”

What a difference a decade makes!

Glen Morgan, one of the show’s writers and executive producers, nailed it when he said: “It feels like a lot of the things that Mulder was warning us of kind of came true. All of us are tracked on our phones, there’s drones…”

We have to agree — times have changed, and the American populace is more skeptical than ever!

“So much has changed in the world,” said Carter “The X-Files now gets to tell stories from that perspective.”

3. The Cigarette Smoking Man is, indeed, still alive

We don’t know how and we don’t know why, but the fact that the Cigarette Smoking Man will once again be gracing the X-Files plot-lines feel so very right, especially in the mythology episodes. At different times he’s been Mulder’s cipher, sphinx, and foil, and it looks like he’s not done yet. According to Chris Carter, they were “honest about how he might have survived certain death.”

With an iconic character like the Cigarette Smoking Man, it won’t take much to make us believe he survived. He’s like a cockroach, constantly crawling out from beneath the rubble.

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4. Roswell!

X-Files Reopened
Image: Fox

According to the preview, audiences are in for a spectacular Roswell flashback wherein we get to see the original 1947 UFO crash! Chris Carter credited his art department as coming up “With a UFO crash that was so much bigger and better than I ever imagined it would be.”

The saucer they built for the episode was 50 feet in diameter and took a huge team to build. They then dug a 300-yard-long trench in the ground of the crash site, so we’ll be seeing a combination of practical and digital effects designed to wow!

5. Awesome guest stars

Rhys Darby in X-Files Reopened
Image: Fox

It makes sense that celebrity fans would be vying for guest spots on the X-Files revival. Some familiar faces you can look forward to seeing include Rhys Darby (Hot in Cleveland), Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), Joel McHale (The Soup) and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under).

6. More action!

David Duchovny in X-Files
Image: Fox

According to the preview, the six-episode arc is very action heavy, featuring some cool new fighting moves, monster carnage, and plenty of people getting ripped apart, set on fire, and otherwise thrown around. And it makes sense, if you think about it, since audiences are used to much more visceral television today (versus the ’90s).

There’s apparently also a killer fight scene with Mulder that took nine hours to shoot, so keep your eyes peeled for some tough and bloody David Duchovny fight sequences!

7. Mulder and Scully and their long lost baby

Mulder and Scully return in the X-Files
Image: Fox

Oh man, how many of us are dying to know what happened to Mulder and Scully’s baby?! I can’t stand it: The child would be 15 by now, and it seems like Chris Carter knows that we want to know what happened… and it looks like he’s going to give us something to feed our curiosity. The preview features a very emotional conversation between the Mulder and Scully, giving me too many feels to sort through.

According to Gillian Anderson, the return episodes address the couple’s complicated relationship with “huge intimacy and appreciation, and yet frustration, but still love and care and potential.” So prepare for lots of emotional tug and pull.

But isn’t that exactly what we love about their relationship?

Overall, the preview gives a nice window into what we can expect when the series returns this January. It looks like we’ll get a great mix of The X-File‘s mythology and new monsters, and it will probably leave us hungry for even more!

But Mulder sums up the anticipation best with this line from the preview: “All we can do, Scully, is pull the thread. See what unravels.”

The X-Files returns to Fox Sunday, January 24th.

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Image: Netflix

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