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Supernatural characters make New Year’s resolutions for 2016

The new year is almost upon us, which means it’s time to set those New Year’s resolutions. Seeing as some TV characters have had a tough 2015, why not come up with some resolutions for them? If their 2016 can be a bit happier and a lot less stressful, that will surely make for a better year.

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Take the Supernatural characters, especially Sam and Dean Winchester. They definitely haven’t had the easiest of years. I mean, when do they? From Dean bearing the Mark of Cain to Sam helping release the Darkness to free his brother of the Mark to losing loved ones along the way, 2015 hasn’t been too kind to the Winchesters.

Here’s hoping 2016 goes smoother for the boys. Seeing as the show is titled Supernatural and Sam and Dean are hunters who are trying to make the world a safer place, well, that probably won’t happen. But, hey, you never know.

That said, here are some resolutions for each Supernatural character based on everything that’s happened in Season 11, because they need all the help they can get during the new year.

1. Sam Winchester

Sam and Lucifer
Image: Giphy

Resolution: Get out of Lucifer’s cage, stat.

At this moment in time, the only thing Sam needs to worry about is getting out of the cage. I mean, if he’s stuck in there for a while, he may just succumb to Lucifer and agree to become his vessel. That only spells very bad things for Sammy’s future.

2. Dean Winchester

Amara and Dean
Image: Tumblr

Resolution: Escape Amara’s pull, but decipher their connection.

Similar to Sam and Lucifer, Dean needs to break free of Amara. Their connection is strong. Here’s hoping in 2016, Dean can finally figure out why he shares such a tight bond with Amara, all while escaping her intense pull.

3. Castiel

Image: Giphy

Resolution: Stop binge-watching Netflix and become a badass angel again.

I need more Castiel this season. First, he needs to stop binge-watching Netflix. Then, he can hopefully turn back into the badass angel he once was. It’s time for Castiel to shine again.

4. Crowley

Image: Giphy

Resolution: Continue being the King of Hell, but don’t die in the process.

Anyone else feel like Crowley’s days are numbered? He’s lasted this long as the King of Hell, but I have a bad feeling he might not make it out of Season 11 alive. Let’s hope 2016 means more King of Hell Crowley and not a dead Crowley because of the Darkness and/or Lucifer.

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5. Rowena

Image: Tumblr

Resolution: Form that Mega Coven and go on a date with Lucifer.

Seriously, what is it going to take for Rowena to get her Mega Coven? Is it too much to ask? That might not bode well for Sam and Dean, but Rowena deserves some happiness, too, right? Hey, maybe she can also go on a date with Lucifer. Come on, I know I’m not the only one shipping these two.

6. Amara

Image: Tumblr

Resolution: Find her brother and settle the family score.

It’s time for Amara and God to come face to face. She’ll continue to wreak havoc if it doesn’t happen. Also, maybe that means her dark plan can be put to a stop and/or come to an end. You know what that means? A hopefully brighter future for Sam and Dean.

7. Lucifer

Image: Tumblr

Resolution: Break out of the cage with Sammy as his vessel — but not permanently.

Lucifer is one of the greatest additions to Supernatural, so let’s hope he isn’t in that cage forever. I know, I know, this would mean terrible things for both Sam and Dean. By no means do I want Sam to be Lucifer’s permanent vessel, so maybe they can get around that somehow. Either way, you know this is partly what Lucifer wants for 2016 — and knowing him he’ll probably get it.

8. God

Chuck Shurley
Image: Tumblr

Resolution: Finally show his face.

God had better show his face in 2016. It is long overdue. Plus, if Chuck really is God, then that means the return of Rob Benedict, which would be spectacular.

Supernatural returns on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 9/8c on The CW.

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