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Kylie Jenner’s ‘crazed’ admirer escapes from a psychiatric ward

Kylie Jenner is a beautiful, talented young woman; and while she has many great fans, some people take their love for her a little too far — and things can get really scary.

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According to TMZ, there is a “crazed guy” who has been trying to get close to Jenner, and he even managed to escape from a psychiatric ward.

The man in question allegedly tried to force his way onto her Calabasas, California, property last week where he desperately attempted to gain access through her security gate. He was then taken into custody but later managed to escape.

However, Jenner can rest easy (at least for the time being) as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have reportedly caught the man once again and placed him on another 72-hour hold.

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So, why is the man so desperate to get into Jenner’s house?

Apparently, he believes he and Jenner are “soul mates,” and he is very determined to make his wishes come true because, according to the gossip site’s sources, he has been to the property at least 10 times. Yikes.

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Let’s hope law enforcement keeps Kylie Jenner safe and that the man gets the help he needs.

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