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RHOA‘s Porsha Williams scares off her new man

Despite her failed marriage to NFL star Kordell Stewart and the quick fizzling-out of her relationship with Duke Williams, Porsha Williams continues to put herself out there (sometimes too much of herself) in an effort to land a new man. Her outgoing, flirty personality is great when it comes to attracting the attention of single men, but that same vivacious nature is also what could be preventing her from keeping them.

Porsha may not meet the traditional definition of housewife, but she is determined to find a guy to replace Kordell Stewart. She might not have much luck in this department if she continues to spend time with the current man in her life, as he unfortunately does not appear to be all that interested in commitment.

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As fans may recall, Porsha met her new beau, Oliver, while she and her fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta stars were living it up down in Miami. Oliver seems to be smitten by his new girl’s assets, including the one that she so brazenly twerked in his general direction on their first night together. Fans of the show can’t help but wonder if he’s only in it for the fringe benefits and not for the long haul.

RHOA's Oliver
Image: Bravo

Oliver certainly didn’t do much to quell RHOA fans’ fears. He adored Porsha’s casual, around-the-house outfit that she just so happened to be wearing during their Skype call. And when Porsha mentioned that she’d recently lost seven pounds, Oliver worried that this might have a negative impact on the shape of her butt.

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Although both parties engaged in a lot of playful flirting, Oliver froze up the moment Porsha mentioned the possibility of a serious relationship. The connection on the Skype call suddenly deteriorated, and that was the end of that. While it’s entirely possible that technology failed Porsha, RHOA fans on Twitter believe that Oliver used one of the oldest tricks in the book in hopes of avoiding any talk about settling down with Porsha:

It’s entirely possible that the connection really did drop out at the worst possible time… but it’s not likely. Oliver’s intentions seem suspect. That being said, Porsha is clearly head-over-heels for her new Latin lover. Any remaining feelings she may have had for Duke Williams were clearly left behind in Miami.

Porsha Happy
Image: Bravo

It’s hard to say whether Oliver will stick around after filming for RHOA ends, but things don’t look too promising for Porsha. It might be time for Porsha to cut her losses and look for a new guy.

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What are your thoughts on tonight’s missed connection? Did Oliver intentionally sabotage the call to get out of committing, or was it all just an unfortunate coincidence? Comment and share your opinion below.

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