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Farrah Abraham almost runs over Teen Mom producer (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham may have crossed the line this time.

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A new teaser for new episodes of Teen Mom OG, beginning Jan. 4, shows Abraham continuing her nasty feud with one of the show’s producers, Larry Musnik.

Abraham hasn’t been shy about her feelings about Musnik — she’s pushed and hit him before, and most recently called him a “twisted motherf***er.” But the new video shows her going a step further when Musnik tries to corner her outside a store to talk about an upcoming event.

“I just need to correct this with Johnny because this is a promoted event right now,” Musnik says to Abraham in the clip, referencing her manager, Johnny Donovan. “It’s using the network logo, and you know that we just can’t do that. We can figure this out if we all talk about it.”

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Abraham clearly doesn’t want to talk about it, as she begins to back her car out of it’s parking space even while Musnik is still standing near the open passenger side door.

“Sure. You know what? Then I won’t be a part of the logo, and you guys can all go eat s***,” Abraham shouts at him. “Shut the f***ing door, Larry.”

Eventually, a security guard gets involved. Musnik tries to explain that he works with Abraham, but she denies it.

“No, he does not work with me,” she tells the guard. “Sir, can you just shut my door? Sir, can you shut my door so I can leave?”

The guard complies, and shuts Abraham’s car door, allowed her to speed out of the parking lot, leaving Musnik looking a little bewildered.

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Check out the full video of the confrontation below, and then head to the comments and tell us: Do you think it’s time for Farrah Abraham to give her feud with Larry Musnik a rest?

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