Sense8: Rajan’s the new ‘big bad’ and 7 other theories about Season 2

Sense8 fans have been patiently awaiting the news of Season 2’s premiere date, and although the wait isn’t over yet, updates from cast members on Twitter reveal that production is set to begin in two weeks!

The Wachowskis are keeping quiet about their plans for the new season, but that hasn’t stopped the cast from dropping hints — and the fans from speculating wildly. Here are some of the biggest rumors, hints and theories about where Season 2 will be taking the story and the characters.

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1. Rajan is gearing up to become one of the key villains

Purab Kohli, who plays Rajan, hasn’t said a whole lot about where his character will go in Season 2. In fact, he said in an interview last fall that Lana Wachowski hasn’t given him any clues at all. Still, Sense8 fans are convinced that his role as a pharmacist might mean that he has a connection to the diabolical BPO, and if Kala and Wolfgang end up taking their relationship to a more serious level, Rajan will have the motivation to retaliate.

2. But Whispers is sure to be back, too

The sensates outsmarted mysterious villain Whispers in Season 1, saving Nomi and Riley from abduction, but he’s hardly out of the picture. Even if Rajan becomes a more malevolent character in Season 2, Whispers will still be involved somehow. Fans have a lot of unanswered questions about who Whispers is and who the other members of his cluster are, and hopefully those will be illuminated in the upcoming season. Unlike his costars, actor Terrence Mann hasn’t divulged any hints or teases about Season 2 so far, but he did recently start a Twitter account, and curious fans should probably start following it now, just in case.

3. More Kala means new powers explored

What excites me most about the possibility of Kala’s involvement in Season 2 isn’t the Wolfgang/Rajan drama at all — it’s the fact that she’ll be using her skills and powers to help the other sensates in her cluster more regularly. Kala’s not a fighter like many of her fellow sensates, but she’s a scientist, and her knowledge of pharmaceuticals and the human body will make her a critical asset in life-or-death situations. We didn’t get much of a chance to see her abilities in action in Season 1 and that’s bound to be one of the most exciting changes come Season 2.

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4. Season 2 will be set in even more locations

Brian J. Smith — AKA sexy cop Will Gorski — dropped a major hint about Season 2’s plot earlier this fall.

Season 1 may have introduced us to the eight members of the newest sensate cluster, but there are plenty of sensates from other clusters that we’ve yet to encounter, and they’re likely based in countries and cities that the show has yet to visit. “Additional climates” suggests that the action will be expanding beyond North America, Western Europe, Africa and Asia — but where? Could we be meeting Middle Eastern or Australian sensates next season?

5. Things will get intense in Episode 3

The cast is keeping quiet about the major story developments in Season 2, but one thing is clear — Episode 3 will be killer. If it’s making the cast freak out this much, the viewers are sure to be wrecked.

6. Capheus continues to live up to his hero, Jean-Claude Van Damme

We all know how much Aml Ameen’s Capheus loves action star Jean-Claude Van Damme — he even named his business after the actor! Now it seems as though the character will continue to follow in his hero’s footsteps. Check out this training video that Ameen posted recently — clearly, Capheus is going to need to be in shape.

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7. We may get some answers about the Capheus-Amanita connection

One of the most persistent — and controversial — theories in the Sense8 fandom is that Nomi’s girlfriend Amanita is also Capheus’ long-lost younger sister. Season 1 did drop clues that Amanita might be adopted, and it would make sense that the sensates are connected in more ways than initially meet the eye. The cast and crew have remained silent on the validity of this theory, but it’s likely one to be clarified in Season 2.

8. Get ready for more group musical numbers

Among Smith’s biggest teases on Twitter is this one, suggesting that there’s going to be another all-cast musical number like there was in Season 1.

If this video from the cast’s appearance at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience 2015 earlier this month is any indication, Bob Marley’s “One Love” might be the new “What’s Up.”

What mysteries are you hoping will be solved in Season 2 of Sense8?


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