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Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams tour will be far from an ordinary show

Coldplay’s latest announcement proves they’re all about keeping their fans happy.

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The band will embark on their world tour, A Head Full of Dreams, in March next year, and to ensure it’s engaging and interactive they’ll make song requests from fans part of their set list.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin spoke of the band’s decision to leave open part of their set list to allow fans to pick their favourite tracks, enabling them to dedicate a track to someone or simply say why a certain track is so special to them.

“What we will do on this tour is almost like a request segment,” Martin told The Sun, via NME. “We’d ask people to give us a reason why they want us to play that song so there is a purpose behind why we play it.

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“I think we want to make it like a passport photobooth, so you go in and say, ‘I am Derek, I would like you to play “The Hardest Part”… ‘ So for example, if we are going to play a song like ‘Spies’ off Parachutes, it will be lovely to play it and say, ‘This is for Helen from Bolton as this reminds her of her dad.’ That is a bad example and not a real one.”

He continued, “We’re enjoying playing really old songs. This tour will finally have a set list where we feel good about it from start to finish.”

So even the band’s first songs, which were the reason we fell in love with them in the first place (who doesn’t love the track “Yellow?”), could be a part of the set list.

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This will be a special tour for diehard fans (and the first in three years) as the band are likely to go into indefinite hiatus after A Head Full of Dreams — but they’re going out with a bang — so catch them at Wembley Stadium next summer, from June 15 to 18.

Will you be headed to see Coldplay live for one last time? What do you think of their request segment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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