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Leah Messer’s love life might be taking a messy turn

Leah Messer might be going backward in her life instead of forward, depending on who you believe.

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New reports have surfaced saying that Messer is getting back together with her ex, Jeremy Calvert, after their June divorce on the grounds of mutual unfaithfulness.

They really missed each other,” an insider told In Touch. “They recently started hanging out again an awful lot, and they ended up getting really close.

“It was clear that they’re back on — they were acting like a happy family,” the insider, who spotted the pair at a choir concert where Messer’s daughter Ali (with ex-husband No. 1 Corey Simms) was performing in early December. “Leah is known to make impulsive decisions, but everyone is crossing their fingers that they can make it work this time.”

But other sources say this rumor is just that — a rumor — and it could not be further from the truth.

“Jeremy was shocked by the story, because it couldn’t be further from the truth,” a source close to Calvert told Radar Online. “He and Leah are definitely not together, and haven’t been since the divorce.”

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As for the concert, the insider said Calvert was just being a good dad.

“Addie wanted to watch her sister, so of course Jeremy went and hung out for a while afterwards,” the source clarified.

But regardless of their romantic status, Messer and Calvert are at least learning to play nice for their daughter’s sake — with a little help from the producers of Teen Mom 2.

“Producers organized a dinner for Leah and Jeremy to talk about co-parenting and their plans for Addie’s future,” said the insider.

It’s just as well for both of them. Messer has her own struggles right now and her focus should be on maintaining her sobriety and getting herself back to a healthy place where she can be with her daughters again.

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