Catelynn Lowell bashed for judging who should – and shouldn't – have kids (PHOTO)

Dec 22, 2015 at 11:37 a.m. ET

Catelynn Lowell is known for being a Teen Mom. She and her husband Tyler Baltierra gave up their first child, Carly, for adoption, and the couple welcomed their second daughter, Novalee Reign, earlier this year.

And Lowell has some strong opinions on parenting — and who should, and who shouldn't, be a parent — and this is something that has upset fans and critics alike.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, Lowell shared a quote about making sacrifices for your children. It reads, "If you can't make sacrifices for your children you don't deserve them. There are so many adults that would love to be able to have children but can't. Having children is a privilege, not a right! Give your child the life they truly deserve."


But not everyone agrees with Lowell posting this, and she has received a lot of negative criticism because of it.

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"Please stop telling people what to do with their bodies / children," wadamelin wrote.

Stellakourkouli also shared their thoughts with a lengthy post which reads, "dear catelynn [sic], i just want to ask,you gave carly [sic] for adoption for better life,what you have done to make your own life better??? criticize or post quotes about what is wrong and what is right??? stop milking your story and go and find a proper job you and your perfect husband.its not your idiot fans who have to explain its [sic] your own child who didn [sic] raise because you were not ready and you wanted to do great things in your life before have children,what of all those promises who gave to carly [sic] and the adoption office have done???? NONE.

"what about the other lovely birth mothers who gave their babbies [sic] for adoption???? i [sic] would respect you if you had gone from the show,now you look that you are a very bad birth mother who selling her story for money...."

Mayumikimurame shared similar thoughts, writing, "Sorry to tell you but the real sacrifice would be that you and tyler [sic] started working so you could give Carly the life she deserves. Giving her in [sic] adoption was the easiest way, so you only deal with the emotional situation of giving her in adoption not the physical and emotional of keeping her. Sorry, but you give me shame @catelynnmtv."

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Another critic, phuckenash, also felt that Lowell did not make a sacrifice herself. They wrote, "Sacrifice ??? What u mean u [sic] gave ur kid away .???? Makes no sense woman!! Both of y'all should of gotten a job & done what u had to do . Period !!!!"

The fact that Lowell is a public figure means that her opinion is often valued and taken on board, even though what she says might not be right for some people and their situations. In stark contrast, it also means that she opens herself up to criticism and hate when she shares a controversial opinion.

Do you think Catelynn Lowell is right to share her opinions, knowing that she is a public figure? Do you agree with them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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