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Why Après Ski probably won’t return for a second season

It’s official: Après Ski Season 1 is over. How are viewers feeling? Are you sad that a part of Whistler won’t be coming into your home every Monday evening? Or, are you thrilled that you will never have to watch another episode of the Bravo series, that is if it doesn’t get renewed?

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There’s no doubt it received mixed reviews for its first season. That said, even though Joey Gibbons’ startup travel concierge business was a success (Gibbons Life is returning to Whistler next season), the same can’t be said for Après Ski.

As a dedicated Bravo viewer, I feel like I know a good show when I see it. There are certain series that flourish on the cable network and fans can usually tell what’s going to be a big hit. When Vanderpump Rules premiered, it immediately had everything Bravo stands for: A great cast, tons of drama, GIF-worthy moments, and, of course, enough ridiculousness to keep viewers coming back for more.

Unfortunately, Après Ski just didn’t hit any of those marks for me. It’s always hard with a new show to embrace it right away. You have to get used to the cast, become acquainted with the premise and adapt to the new surroundings.

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After the first episode, I kept waiting to click with the show, but it just never happened. There’s no doubt Elise provided a lot of the drama that is a part of every Bravo series, but it wasn’t enough to make me a believer in Après Ski. Plus, once she was sent packing, the series become even more flat.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some moments that made me laugh (Bobby bungee jumping naked? Yeah, that was entertaining.) and a few cast members I enjoyed. Also, the fact that the series presented intelligent, strong, successful and ambitious women from the get-go was something that I admired — and one of the few reasons I kept tuning in.

Overall, the series just didn’t produce enough of the Bravo quality and elements that I look for and love in every other hit show, like Vanderpump Rules, Ladies of London, all of the Housewives and Below Deck.

That said, I highly doubt Après Ski will return for a second season. Maybe I’m way off the mark, and the show is more of a success than I realize, especially among viewers and with ratings.

However, if it does score a renewal, I will be surprised. If there is an Après Ski Season 2, here’s hoping it will kick it up a notch by turning it into a Bravo series fans of the network know and love.

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