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Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom was completely insensitive to Ariana on her birthday

It’s no secret that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have one of the most stable relationships on Vanderpump Rules. Well, during Monday night’s episode, they hit quite the road bump and all thanks to Tom’s insensitivity. Basically, he chose bulldozers (literally) over his girlfriend, who needed support during an emotional time.

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As excited as Ariana was to celebrate her 30th birthday, it was difficult without her father, who died two years previously from a massive heart attack. There’s no doubt when it comes to celebrating a milestone like a birthday, it can be extremely difficult without your loved ones. That’s exactly what Ariana was feeling.

Before her 30th kid-themed birthday party, Peter announced he, Sandoval, Schwartz and Jax were all going on a guys’ trip to Las Vegas. Well, Ariana and Katie didn’t want their men going. To be clear, Ariana wasn’t dictating what Tom can and can’t do; she’s never been that kind of girlfriend. At first, it seemed like that’s exactly what she was doing, but when Ariana finally came clean to Katie at her birthday party that she was struggling without her dad, it was obvious why she didn’t want Tom trekking off to Sin City with his friends. Plus, nothing good ever comes from those trips.

Katie told Ariana that she doesn’t always have to be so strong and it’s OK to showcase her emotions, especially to Tom, her boyfriend and best friend. Eventually, Ariana broke down and told Tom why she wanted him to stay in Los Angeles with her.

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Like the good boyfriend he is, Tom said that he will always be there for her no matter what. All good, right? Nope, not so much. It seemed like he was going to show Ariana support, but he didn’t, because, you know, Peter arranged for the guys to play with bulldozers in Vegas. Here is Tom’s exact quote to Ariana after she dropped her guard and opened up her heart: “I’m always gonna be there for you, but apparently, [Peter] told me we’re going to a construction yard and we’re taking bulldozers and, like, crushing shit with bulldozers.”

Wait. What? Did he really just say that? Tom, you just said the most insensitive thing possible. Ariana is saying she needs Tom to stay, because his love and support is going to help her through missing her dad. Yes, he did celebrate her birthday with her, but that’s not the point. Ariana was grieving for her late father and she needed Tom by her side. Well, he’d rather go to Vegas and dig up dirt.

Ariana Madix
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In the end, Ariana ended up having a girls’ night at Scheana’s (where there was a lot of making out between Katie, Ariana, Scheana, Lala and Faith) and she came to terms with Tom going on his guys’ trip. Overall, the two are good and won’t be breaking up anytime soon — or so it seems. That said, here’s hoping Tom learns a lesson from this, because if he continues to overlook Ariana when she needs him the most, well, their relationship isn’t going to last.

A special episode of Vanderpump Rules airs Sunday, Dec. 27 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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