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Gavin Rossdale slyly tries to avoid questions about cheating scandal (PHOTO)

Gavin Rossdale is back on Twitter after a break to deal with his cheating scandal, and he’s acting like nothing ever happened.

Rossdale tweeted like nothing ever happened — like he did not just get dumped by America’s sweetheart Gwen Stefani in the most public of ways for cheating on her with their nanny, like Stefani has not been getting her revenge by carrying on a very public romance with her The Voice co-coach Blake Shelton, like nothing ever happened.

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Did he post a pic of him canoodling with said nanny, Mindy Mann? No. Of the moving van hauling his stuff away to a new bachelor pad? No. Of his tears dropping into a bowl of glycerin? Nope.

It was a football game.

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Rossdale appeared to be at a Seattle Seahawks game with several friends, two men and one woman (who did not appear to be the scarlet nanny).

While most Twitter responses were supportive and happy to see him back, a few were, shall we say, a little less so.

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Stefani and Rossdale announced their split last autumn. Rumors quickly surfaced that the marriage imploded after he was busted having an affair with the couple’s nanny when another employee found explicit messages between the two on the family’s iPad. The nanny was fired, but the damage was already done: the rock ‘n’ roll royal couple was dunzo.

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