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American Ninja Warrior teases extreme details about spinoff show (VIDEO)

America Ninja Warrior‘s new spinoff show has released its first sneak peek, and it’s definitely going to be extreme.

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In the video, executive producers Brian Richardson and Kent Weed showcase the new course and why it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before on television.

“The course is very unique because [it is] dual obstacles,” Weed explained.

“We designed some of the obstacles so people are literally going to be shoulder-to-shoulder and elbow-to-elbow,” Richardson adds in the clip. “This is nothing like people have ever seen before.”

And there is no doubt that the obstacles are going to be intense.

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Much like its sister show American Ninja Warrior, competitors will be trying to complete the challenges in as little time as possible. The course will test speed, agility, skill and strategy.

In Season 7, Isaac Caldiero was named the first American Ninja Warrior, and the show has been renewed for Season 8, which is expected to premiere in summer 2016.

As for Team Ninja Warrior, the competitors, no doubt, will seem even more superhuman because they will be completing stunts alongside another player. They will be racing not only the clock but one another.

And the spinoff show is bringing back prior contestants, who will make up the 24 teams of three, according to Deadline.

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Maybe Caldiero won’t be so superhuman when he’s stuck elbow-to-elbow with another contestant. Though we highly doubt it, it’ll definitely be worth the watch to find out.

Check out the sneak peek video of the course below.
Season 1 of Team Ninja Warrior will be eight episodes and will premiere Jan. 19 on Esquire Network.

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