Lucy Hale shames PLL for unrealistic ideals for girls

Pretty Little Liars is an awesome show with a huge faithful following, but is the program itself faithful to fans? PLL star Lucy Hale isn’t so sure.

While Hale admits that one of the draws of Pretty Little Liars is superficial things like clothes, hair and makeup, she wants viewers to know that a lot of what they see on TV is smoke and mirrors. She also wants fans to realize that the beauty standards presented on television aren’t obtainable for anyone — even the seemingly perfect people we are used to seeing light up our screens.

It’s important for young girls to realize things like we have fake eyelashes on, some of us have extensions, we have good lighting,” Hale said in a recent interview with Into the Gloss. “It’s the same thing as Photoshop! We are normal girls, we have zits, and it’s important that girls know that. I work with very beautiful people, don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot of tricks of the trade.”

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In the interview, Hale also called into question the whole premise of the hit show she stars on.

“The show is called Pretty Little Liars for a reason. It’s a beauty show — people come for the fashion, they come to see what we look like, and it’s not always realistic, you know? Everything is about the physical appearance, and that can be unhealthy.”

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Hale says she sticks to a fairly simple beauty routine in her real life, and she supports the Mark makeup brand because of their quality products and the philanthropic efforts they make as well.

“They’re also a really amazing company that stands for empowering women,” Hale said. “They have this initiative called M.powerment, which is about breaking the cycle of dating abuse for young women, which is way more common than people realize. My fan base is primarily young women, so it’s been great to expose them to that campaign — and obviously it’s not easy to talk about or ask for help.”

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What do you think about the beauty standards presented on PLL? Are they unobtainable and unhealthy, as Hale suggests?


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