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Anna Duggar makes controversial decision about the future of her marriage

Last week’s Jill & Jessa: Counting On premiere featured all kinds of interesting reactions to the Josh Duggar scandal, including a heartbreaking confession from his little brother, John-David. However, fans were most interested in hearing from Anna Duggar, who finally shared her thoughts during tonight’s episode.

Ever since Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison profile leaked, people have been hoping for Anna Duggar to finally kick her husband to the curb. However, although rumors of an imminent divorce took over when the scandal first broke, most Duggar fans have long suspected that Anna will ultimately stick by her husband’s side.

Anna Duggar
Image: TLC

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During tonight’s segment of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar confirmed her supporters’ suspicions and admitted that, while her husband’s affair was a huge betrayal, she is not eager to pursue divorce.

When Anna first learned of Josh’s unfaithfulness, she avoided acting on her feelings because she worried that she’d “turn a mess into a disaster.” Later, however, she came to realize that she had agreed to remain by her husband’s side for better or for worse — and for worse includes infidelity.

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Although a few fans were very impressed by Anna’s commitment to her marriage, most simply felt sad about the entire situation. Many of these saddened viewers believe Anna made the wrong decision. Several concerned individuals spoke out while live-tweeting tonight’s episode.

These worried Twitter users feel that, by staying with Josh, Anna has destroyed any opportunity for finding future happiness. What’s more, many believe Anna is putting her kids at risk, since she is well aware of Josh’s disturbing history. Others simply feel that Anna’s decision is indicative of her alleged low self-esteem.

Counting On viewers are, for the most part, unhappy about Anna’s decision regarding her marriage, but these individuals are also sympathetic to her plight. Many actually believe her decision is the result of brainwashing! While this isn’t necessarily the case, it is true that, in Anna’s community, wives are less inclined to ditch their husbands when infidelity comes into play.

Counting On
Image: TLC

For the time being, it looks like Anna is going to remain married to Josh. However, a few Josh haters are holding out hope that his wife will change her mind. Her heart’s desire is for her marriage to be restored, but perhaps, if she decides this is not possible, she will eventually move on. But this is not likely, so most fans envision a return to the status quo for poor Anna.

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