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RHOA‘s Kenya Moore definitely wasn’t to blame in Miami brawl

The new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been marked by one confrontation after another, but tonight’s altercation with failed NBA player Glen Rice Jr. may have been the scariest one yet. Kenya Moore did everything she could to defuse a potentially dangerous situation and keep her fellow Housewives safe, but she still drew the ire of a couple RHOA stars, who said she was the one who instigated the entire thing!

Image: Bravo

Things between Moore and Rice became uncomfortable after Moore tried to get Rice’s attention by snapping at him. When Rice took offense to this (to put it kindly), Moore brushed it off and tried to play it cool. Making matters worse, Rice copped an attitude towards Kim Fields and Kandi Burress, before once again becoming agitated at Moore over a perceived slight. You can’t blame Moore for asking Rice to leave the house; his behavior was clearly inappropriate, and he proved Moore right when his volatile temper exploded and he pushed Tammy McCall Browning to the floor.

Kenya and Cynthia
Image: Bravo

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Viewers of the show were able to see the entire night unfold, a luxury not afforded to RHOA cast members Sheree Whitfield, Phaedra Parks and Kim Fields, who blamed Moore for instigating the entire thing. Parks even went so far as to completely absolve Rice of all wrongdoing, while comparing Moore to a suburban white woman afraid of African American men. Fans on Twitter overwhelmingly sided with Moore on this topic, something that hasn’t happened very often during her tenure on the show.

Parks believes that since Rice was a guest of McCall Browning, she should have been the one to handle the situation. But as viewers witnessed, Browning had been drinking heavily the entire day and was in no condition to attempt to play peacemaker.

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Fields was of the opinion that Moore instigated the blowup by snapping at Rice, as well as by prematurely asking him to leave. However, with the way Rice was acting, it was a matter of when, not if, he was going to do something to cross the line and get himself tackled by RHOA security staff.

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With fights breaking out seemingly every week, and Moore always being at or near the center of the action, one can’t help but feel as though Moore needs to do more to defuse these tense situations. In this case, however, she rightfully asked for a dangerous person to be escorted out of the house.

Were the gals of RHOA too quick to attack Kenya Moore? Or is this the ultimate example of crying wolf, given how frequently Moore is at the center of the drama? Comment and share your opinion below.

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