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Teen Mom OG‘s Farrah Abraham dishes on next season’s drama

Teen Mom OG is coming back in January and lightning-rod-for-controversy Farrah Abraham is dishing details about this upcoming season.

With being such young mothers, who would think these ladies would have so much drama? Teen Mom OG is coming back, and Farrah Abraham is dishing details about what to expect this season.

When it comes to whether she got along with her co-stars, Abraham told Cosmopolitan, “I actually just keep things very professional. I don’t need acceptance from anyone but God, so that’s just kind of where I focus it all.” I take that as a big, fat, “No.”

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As for Maci Bookout, her arch-nemesis last season, Abraham took the high road. Kind of. “I have no words to single anyone out… there’s this once-in-a-[lifetime] opportunity to all work together and it can be a beautiful thing. Everyone needs to really not take that for granted. Like, the wear and tear of Teen Mom shouldn’t be dragging everyone down. It should be just lifting us up. So, I think the jealousy and, you know, the unneeded bullshit needs to stop.”

I think we can expect the sparks to continue flying.

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She added that, “My therapy and my therapist and counselors have said, ‘If you’re dating someone or you’re friends with someone that welcomes drama, then you need to say good-bye to that.'”

Abraham shared, “This season is very tough, personally and emotionally, where Sophia and myself [are] grieving the loss of my past boyfriend, Sophia’s dad, Derek. So we do have my counselor from about seven years ago — she’s always in and out of my life — and she got to fly into Texas and we got to do some therapy [with] her. It is a very sensitive and moving time, and I know that this season is going to be showing the most progress and the most change in us as mothers.”

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We’ll be seeing a lot more of Abraham’s little superstar, Sophia. Abraham says, “She shines when she’s in her class. She was Ms. Fashionista of the Year last year. She’s a super kid. She wins her super kid awards every week.”

And the last tease is of course about Abraham’s dating life. She says, “I’m single right now and you will see the breakup [with Simon Saran] during this season and what went down with that and why I made my choice. Sophia was involved too.”

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV on January 4 at 10 p.m.

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