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Vanderpump Rules‘ Lala Kent makes a troubling comment about James Kennedy

Vanderpump Rules‘ star Lala Kent denies dating co-star James Kennedy and doesn’t remember having sex with him.

Vanderpump Rules has featured a lot of questionable behavior in its four seasons, but this may be the most worrisome of all.

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New girl Lala Kent has certainly had the attention of her male co-stars, especially James Kennedy. On the show, they talked about making music together and had a makeout session. James went off to have sex with another hostess, and Kent turned her attentions to bartender Jax Taylor.

Kent did an podcast interview with thedirty‘s Nik Richie on which she discussed her castmates and all the drama. She denied ever dating co-star Kennedy and said that she wasn’t sexually attracted to him.

Many reality shows have storylines involving love stories between people who aren’t actually dating. That’s not so shocking. It’s what she said next that’s alarming.

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Kent confessed on the podcast that Kennedy told her they had sex one night. The reason that he had to tell her is because Kent was blackout drunk and doesn’t remember any of it. Kent believed Kennedy because she saw the used condom the morning after.

During the podcast, the host expressed concern about whether the sex was consensual or not. Kent waved off any worries. She explained that she knows Kennedy wouldn’t take advantage of her. The host brought up the word “rape” and they debated about whether Kent had the ability to consent.

If Kent was so drunk that she can’t remember what happened, then Kennedy should have backed off no matter what she may have said. It’s impossible to consent to anything if you’re grossly intoxicated. Chances are that he was probably intoxicated too. But I think it’s a guy’s job to assess the situation. If a girl is too drunk, then he needs to back off.

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There will be those who defend Kennedy by blaming Kent for being too drunk. She put herself in a vulnerable situation, but she was with a coworker and someone she’s spent time with. But at the end of the day, men take the lead in sex. They are the ones who are physically penetrating and ultimately need to make the call about the situation.

Date rape is a complicated issue. But I believe if a woman needs to have a guy explain to her what happened the night before, then she wasn’t in a state to say, “Yes.”

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