Khloé Kardashian gets butt-naked for impromptu photo shoot (PHOTOS)

Dec 18, 2015 at 5:39 p.m. ET

Khloé Kardashian used her downtime during a recent family vacation in a nakedly productive way.

Kardashian released some new nude photos on her app, and she said they were totally just last minute, impromptu drunken shenanigans. Involving heavy glitter. And alcohol.


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Kardashian explained how the night went down on her app.

"One night after our Keeping up with the Kardashians cameras went down and everyone was asleep, Kendall and I were super bored so we called Jen and Joyce and decided to go to Jen's little bungalow and do a photo shoot just for fun. YOLO, right?" she wrote (via People). "We started drinking a little and somehow this impromptu photo shoot turned into a fully nude photo shoot :) I was apparently living in the moment..LOL!!!

"He is a professional photographer and sees naked women all the time, but it was definitely a first time for me. Even though I've worked really hard on my mind and body to get to this point, I am still shocked I had the courage to do this shoot."

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"I think I had a little too much liquid courage (and I'm not getting any younger so it's now or never, LOL!) which actually made me follow through with it," she explained. "And I am so f***ing happy I did because I think these pictures are to die for! I cannot believe how unbelievably gorgeous they are!"

She even got some tips from her little sis to help her look her best.

"Kendall was literally teaching me how to pose and how to arch my back and manipulate my body so I looked extra lean and long," she said. "The perks of having a super model [sic] as your sister, right?"

One thing is for sure: Kardashian's revenge body is definitely working out for her.