Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska adds an adorable member to her family (PHOTO)

Dec 18, 2015 at 5:15 p.m. ET

Christmas came early to Chelsea Houska's house, if a new Instagram picture is to be believed.

Houska, who got engaged to beau Cole DeBoer in November, posted an adorable pic showing her daughter Aubree cuddling with a super cute puppy.


So did the family really get a new puppy? If so, giving it to her daughter before Christmas morning is not surprising, considering Houska's own admission about how hard it is to keep gifts under wraps in her house.


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With a new engagement and a possible new puppy under their roof, it is shaping up to be a very Merry Christmas indeed, despite the drama Houska's ex, Adam Lind, is constantly trying to stir up.

At the end of November, he went on a rant about the possibility of Aubree calling DeBoer "dad," saying, "I asked Aubree about it cuz she seemed confused… So I helped my 6 yr old from being corrupted thinking another man will step in and take my place…

"Aubree is smart and she knew right away who her real daddy is… Chelsea only asked Aubree that for drama of the stupid worthless tv show y'all are glued too [sic]…"

Then earlier this week, Lind decided that an impromptu Instagram Q&A session was the appropriate place to air his grievances about his ex.

"She needs to come off her high horse and speak with me about things with our child .. I get I f***ed up pretty bad .. But for f*** sake it was 5+ years ago .. Get over it and move on with life ya know Lol... No hate here everyone calm the f*** down :)" [sic] he wrote in one complaint.

"Member how she made a hugeeee f***in deal about me not having a license Lol .. (I do have one now)... But she never complained at 2am when is drive over there to .... Yup... .... Smh..but hey its all in the past everyone needs to let the shit go and move on ..," [sic] he wrote in another.

We hope Houska and DeBoer are able to put Lind's drama behind them and enjoy their engagement — and their new puppy — this holiday season.

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