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Après Ski‘s Bobby gets out of control with alcohol on his ‘dirty 30’ (VIDEO)

If you’re a fan of Bravo’s Après Ski, then I have some bad news. Monday is the Season 1 finale, which means no more new episodes. That said, I also have some good news. Here is an exclusive clip (woohoo!) from the finale featuring Bobby’s 30th birthday that really doesn’t go as his BFF Char planned.

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As you can watch below, it’s a huge birthday for Bobby. I mean, he is turning the “dirty 30.” However, if Char had her way, she’d like for her friend to have a vomit-free birthday. Well, the clip doesn’t make it seem like that’s going to happen.

Not only does Bobby consume a lot of alcohol, but he gets out of control (at least in Char’s eyes) and won’t eat his pizza. Char doesn’t want to act like his mother, but she knows if he doesn’t have something in his stomach, Bobby will most definitely throw up.

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Basically, Bobby is not acting like a 30-year-old man, but like he’s still in college. Remember when you were in college and thought you didn’t need to eat anything and could drink all the alcohol in the world? That is always a bad plan, especially when you’re older.

Anyways, here’s hoping Char didn’t have to sit up all night taking care of Bobby. If she did, not only does she make a great friend, but he totally owes her.

Après Ski‘s Season 1 finale airs Monday, Dec. 21 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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