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Are Althea and Benzino planning their own reality show after Marriage Boot Camp?

It seems like no couple has ever hated each other more than Althea Heart and Benzino on this season of Marriage Boot Camp. But is their mutual ire real, or are they angling for their own show?

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Image: WE TV

Every week, viewers of this season of Marriage Boot Camp ask themselves: Is it even physically possible to hate another person as much as Althea and Benzino seem to hate each other? Is there enough hate in the universe? Could we harness all that energy to power a small country?

Since these two first entered the house, they’ve been screaming at each other, and week after week, Benzino has threatened to leave; in Friday’s episode, he told her he hated her. But are they actually in the world’s worst relationship, or is this just a ruse to get their own show? (Or both?)

On Twitter, fans are frustrated with Althea and Benzino madness, but due to the magic of reality television, they are still watching and wondering what is actually going on between these two.

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And then there are the viewers who called it right out.

On Friday’s episode, Benzino continued to be angry about the existence of emotions, and Jim Carroll called out Althea on her need for attention, even the negative kind, which reminded fans that this show is theoretically supposed to be about fixing what’s wrong in these relationships, instead of just watching everyone freak out at each other all the time.

Althea and Benzino wouldn’t be the first couple in the history of television to go on a reality show in the hopes of getting another reality show, in which case, it’s hard not to respect their hustle. But let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that these two stay together after MBC (or fake their way out as a couple) and do secure their own show. If they actually do hate each other as much as it seems like they do, is that enough to sustain a show? Could we actually watch a couple fight indefinitely? (The answer seems to be yes.) 

Every season of Boot Camp features couples who seem like they’re doomed from the start, and also couples who seem like everything’s awesome and then proceed to combust halfway through the season. If Althea and Benzino are actually there to get some work done on their relationship and secure a show, they’re going to have to pull it together (Benzino is going to need to stop storming out of rooms, for one), and if they’re not making it out of Boot Camp together, well… keep doing what you’re doing, you two.

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Do you think Althea and Benzino are trying to get their own show? Would you watch it? Are you rooting for them to stay together, or break up?

Image: WE TV

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