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Scott Disick gets majorly insensitive in latest Chris Brown video

Chris Brown released his new music video on Thursday with a cameo by Scott Disick.

Scott Disick can now add “music video cameo” to his thin résumé. Or not, because it’s a terrible performance with even worse dialogue.

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Chris Brown released his latest music video on Thursday, Dec. 17. The song is called “Picture Me Rollin’,” and it’s from his new album Royalty. Warning, there is a lot of explicit language in this video.

The video starts with Brown and a girl sitting in his car. She’s angry with Brown for punching a guy that had hit on her at the club. I know this is a video, but hasn’t Brown gotten into a lot of trouble for hitting people? It may not have been the best choice. But what do I know? I sound like a screeching cat when I sing, and my videos are usually crooked.

Anyway, right after Brown’s girl leaves the car, Disick calls. He wants Brown to come over, but in between their conversation, Disick is yelling at nearly naked girls for sitting on the Lamborghini.

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“Hey, it’s understandable on the f***ing Porsche, but off the Lambo, bitch, come on!” Disick yells at them. “Godd***.”


Disick continues to yell, “Chris, yo, you gotta come over here. I really can’t f*** all these bitches without you. I can’t do this without you man, you gotta get over here to the house.”

Super precious.

As the music starts, Brown arrives at Disick’s party house. Brown does a lot of dancing. He’s even dancing with the scantily clad ladies in a bouncy house. French Montana pops up. Maybe Kris Jenner paid Brown to hire all her daughters’ cast-offs. If only we could get a taste of Kris Humphries.

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At the end of the song, some older white guys with tattoos show up at the party looking for Brown. It’s unclear if they want to fight Brown because they’re related to the incident at the start of the video or if they just heard the song and hate it.

Either way, we’re treated to another appearance by Disick. He tries to be tough and funny while defending Brown.

“Come on, what’s bracking man, come on!” he yells as the others shift around awkwardly.

“‘What’s bracking?’ Right? Is that right?” he says, turning to Brown and rapper A$AP Rocky for reassurance that he’s got the lingo right.

Brown scoots off while A$AP Rocky and friends walk toward the tattooed guys. I have no idea where Disick goes. Maybe he goes to yell at more women for sitting on cars that don’t belong to him. That’ll show ’em.

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