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Lamar Odom’s holiday plans lead to optimism about his condition

Lamar Odom is reportedly spending the Christmas holidays with his kids.

It’s unclear where Lamar Odom will be spending the holidays, but he won’t be alone. His children are flying to Los Angeles to be with him. Thirteen-year-old Lamar Jr. and 17-year-old Destiny (their mom is Odom’s ex, Liza Morales) also flew to be by their dad’s side when he was first hospitalized in Vegas.

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Odom is recovering in Cedars-Sinai hospital from the overdose that he suffered in October. His recovery has been slow due to complications that led to a brief coma. A source told E! News that Odom is visibly “struggling” with his rehabilitation and still is not walking entirely on his own, switching between a walker and a wheelchair.

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It has to be tough for Odom, but also a big improvement over reports in October that he wasn’t going to survive. Still, it’s unclear if he’ll be able to leave the hospital before Christmas. Even if he does, he won’t be headed home. He’ll go to a rehabilitation facility in Kardashian-central: Calabasas, California.

E! News reports, “The family is continuing to be optimistic about having him into a rehab center before Christmas. Either way his kids are flying out to be with him, whether it’s at Cedars or the new center in Calabasas that he will be relocated to.”

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Khloé Kardashian has been seen visiting Odom during his recovery. It’s unclear if she’s planning to join him and his children for Christmas.

Given Kardashian’s dedication to helping Odom, and the spirit of the holiday season, I’d be willing to bet she’ll visit him. After all, the Kardashian-Jenners seem to love a reason to celebrate!

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