Kendra Wilkinson rekindles romance in the most inappropriate place (PHOTO)

Dec 17, 2015 at 4:13 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are having an XXX Christmas, and she is spilling all the details.

Wilkinson seems to be intent on improving her marriage to Baskett after a couple of really rough years (to say the least) involving a possible affair with a transgender model and an Internet flirtation gone too far. Known for her candor — she has never held back about anything in her life, including her martial struggles — we still were not expecting this level of TMI when it came to her explaining exactly how she is trying to keep the spark alive this holiday season.

After six years of marriage and two children together, it can be understandably difficult to keep things spicy in the bedroom, so Wilkinson says she and Baskett took their lust elsewhere in the house instead — and we are not sure Santa will approve of this.

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"We've had three months of all kids. Everything kids. Everything," she explained to Us Weekly at the JustFab and ShoeDazzle Getting Glam for the Holidays event at Maven in Beverly Hills. "And now we're finding ourselves — we need a little break. We need to definitely, like, spend some time together. And drink together. And get back to, like, really good sex.

"We need to be more creative in the bed, because… it's Fargo and then to sleep!" she told Us. "So we're not really creative. Well, we did have sex in front of the Christmas tree the other night. Yeah, we were festive!"

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Pretty sure that will get you on the naughty list, girl. What does she want Santa to bring her, anyway?

"I don't want anything… I want to save money to go on trips. I want to put whatever money you want to spend on some ugly top that he thinks is cute, put it toward a trip to Hawaii. Or put it toward a trip to, like, the mountains. That's what I want."

That we could get down with. This other gift, maybe not so much. She shared a very saucy white elephant present on her Instagram, and we guess it could definitely help her out with trying to get her mojo back. But that is for sure a naughty-list present.


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