Survivor's Keith Nale responds to critics who say he wasn't playing smart

Dec 17, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. ET

In our one-on-one red carpet interview with Keith Nale at the Survivor: Second Chance finale, he explained why he's done playing the game.

Keith has won over America's hearts again. After fan-favorite castaway Joe Anglim was voted out of Survivor: Second Chance, there were many fans who were rooting for him to win it all.

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On the flip side, there were some viewers who argued on social media that Keith wouldn't have deserved to get any winning votes because he wasn't a strategic player whatsoever. We talked with Keith on the Survivor finale red carpet, where he responded to those people who have been critical of his lack of strategy. Does he agree with those tough critics?

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The first time he played, Keith finished in fourth place. This time around, he was out in fifth place. What was his ultimate plan for winning the game? Who did he think he could beat for the $1 million prize? Which experience did he enjoy more overall? Why doesn't he want to play Survivor again?

Keith has also been known for saying that Survivor is not fun. That being said, we asked him why he went back to do it all over again. We even asked him to end our chat with a spit on the finale red carpet. Did he do it?

This is a fun interview, so check out all of his answers by watching our red carpet interview with Keith.

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Keith Nale Survivor: Second Chance cast photo

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What are your thoughts on Keith's comments? Do you think he was playing a smart strategic game? Are you sad to hear him say he has no desire to play the game again? What was your favorite Keith moment from the season? Join the conversation and leave a comment.