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5 Reasons Top Chef‘s Grayson is the worst

On Thursday’s Top Chef, it was Grayson who was finally told to pack her knives, after three episodes of fans wanting for her to go. It must be rough to have so many people wishing for you to get kicked off a show, but even in the brief time we’ve spent with Grayson, her behavior has been far less than awesome.

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Top Chef has never been a show free of people who seem like jerks. It is, after all, a reality show, which means that even if you are a super-talented chef, your ability and willingness to create drama might still be your most important asset. And the earlier on in the season it is, the more contestants there are and the more pressure there is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. And if that means behaving badly to get attention, then so be it.

But what about the curious case of Grayson Schmitz? On Thursday’s episode of Top Chef, the Wisconsin native, who was brought back for another chance after getting eliminated in Season 9, lost her shot at redemption. Viewers on Twitter were thrilled to see her go, even though it meant that Angelina, hardly a fan-favorite, was saved again. It seems to be a universal truth that Grayson is terrible. Here are some reasons why.

1. Nobody likes a complainer

Grayson didn’t want to work with Angelina. Grayson didn’t want to be in the bottom. Grayson made 400 meatballs and the judges didn’t even like them. Everything was terrible. (Pro tip, Grayson: This is not how to win friends.)

2. The most ungrateful cheftestant ever?

Not only did Grayson get back on Top Chef for a second run (I don’t know how you do that, but it sounds hard), but she dodged the proverbial bullet twice this season and managed to stay when arguably more deserving chefs went home, and she still wouldn’t take responsibility for her uninspired dishes.

3. About your attitude problem…

Sometimes when watching reality TV shows, I have to wonder if the people on them are aware that the audience at home can see them. When Grayson looks back on this season of Top Chef, will she realize that she behaved like a brat? The whining, the stubbornness, the balking when the judges asked her to push herself, the constant talking back, the part where she held her hand up to silence Tom Colicchio? Clues that she might want to think about adjusting her attitude.

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4. Not the best person to be on a team with

Competitions involving teams are one of the elements powering reality TV, and there are basically three ways to deal with pairing up with someone you don’t like: Sleep with them (not applicable to this show, as far as we know), power through and make the best of it, or complain about it the entire time and make sure you bring them down with you. Guess which one Grayson picked?

5. She’s probably really talented

It’s probably hard to get on Top Chef. We can’t all be Philip, who regales his castmates at every available opportunity about the eight food-related game shows he’s been on and won. And according to her Bravo bio, Grayson has a very impressive CV: She’s worked in restaurants for a long time, she’s led conceptual teams and she’s studied with some, um, top chefs. In other words, it’s likely her awful attitude that’s getting in her way and not her abilities, which is actually just sad. You can be assertive and not awful, Grayson. Really, you can.

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Are you glad Grayson was finally eliminated? Do you think the judges should have sent someone else home?

Image: Bravo
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