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The Big Bang Theory‘s coitus episode proved sex is just like Star Wars

Tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory was a big one for Sheldon and Amy. As previously confirmed, the two finally took their relationship to the next level and got physical. But it turns out, their night together wasn’t the only major event to take place.

In this episode, Shamy’s big night also happened to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars movie — and, as it turned out, the two events actually had a lot in common. Check out five ways Sheldon and Amy’s first time was just like watching Star Wars.

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1. The anticipation

big bang theory sheldon leonard
Image: CBS

As the episode highlighted, it’s not easy to choose between Star Wars and sex — especially since, in this case, many of the characters were waiting a long time for both. While Amy couldn’t wait to get physical with Sheldon, he and the rest of the guys were counting down the days to the new Star Wars film (as seen above, where he literally prays for tickets). In the end, he chooses his love for Amy over his love for the franchise (which, in case you don’t know, is a big gesture in Sheldon’s world).

2. The pre-show jitters

big bang theory amy
Image: CBS

What’s a more nerve-racking experience: having sex for the first time or waiting to see if the new Star Wars film lives up to the hype? Most would probably go with the former, but on The Big Bang Theory, it’s a close call. While Amy is running out to get a bikini wax ahead of the big night, Raj, Leonard and Howard are sweating it out in their seats at the movie theater. Each party is just hoping that their respective experiences will be everything they want it to be.

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3. The sensory experience

big bang theory
Image: CBS

One is physical and one is visual, but it’s safe to say once either is happening, you’re fully engrossed.

 4. The blissful aftermath

shamy big bang theory
Image: CBS

“I enjoyed that more than I thought I would,” Sheldon says after his night with Amy. “I enjoyed that more than I thought I would,” Will Wheaton says after watching the Star Wars movie. Meanwhile, Amy revels in happiness, as do Leonard, Raj and Howard.

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5. The demand for a repeat

sheldon amy big bang theory
Image: CBS

As Leonard acknowledged in this episode, he and the rest of the guys would be returning to the movie theater the next day for a second viewing — regardless of whether it was good or bad. For Shamy, it may not be that soon… but they have already made a date for a repeat on Amy’s next birthday!

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