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8 Spoilers from The Big Bang Theory‘s Shamy coitus episode (PHOTOS)

Are you ready for some coitus?

One of TV’s most highly anticipated events of 2015 goes down tonight, folks! That’s right, Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler are finally consummating their relationship.

We know your imagination is running wild with the possibilities of how the big event will go down, so here are a few spoilers straight from the mouths of Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons, who spoke about the episode with Entertainment Weekly recently, along with some photos from tonight’s episode.

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1. There will be no sexy lingerie

Sheldon and Amy in bed
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

But you will see Sheldon and Amy in the sack together.

2. Sheldon still doesn’t utter the S-word

Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

As in sex. “I think it’s always coitus,” Parsons said.

3. But he does talk about his downstairs business

Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

Bialik let it slip that Sheldon will talk about his own genitals in the episode, and that it will be hilarious.

4. There will be anxiety involved

Amy on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

“We play a lot of that sweet, intimate anxiety but because they’ve been together so long it doesn’t feel like it’s wrong. It feels really right,” said Bialik. “It’s not that nervousness of like, ‘Oh, I don’t really know you and now we’re going to do it.’ I’m just grateful my kids don’t watch the show.”

5. It will be unpredictable

Amy on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

Parsons and Bialik admit that they had no idea Sheldon and Amy would ever actually reach this step in the relationship, mostly because the writers do a good job keeping the entire cast on their toes.

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“I never imagined it, because I would never predict almost anything the writers have done in the way they’ve done it. But I do think what they did with this is really skillfully handled,” said Parsons. “You know, one of the reasons sometimes the stuff they do is easy to play is because it’s not what you might have thought it was going to be. So you don’t feel like you’re living up to any expectations. You feel like you’re doing something more organic and more surprising. And in this case what I mean is that Sheldon is not overly worked up about this.”

6. It will do Sheldon and Amy justice

Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

Sheldon and Amy are going through a life-changing event, but that doesn’t mean it will turn them into different characters.

“We’re still us. I don’t think it’s going to be like, ‘Oh, Sheldon’s changed,'” said Bialik. “It’s been so gradual, this process, that I don’t think every episode’s going to be about this anymore, you know? I think we’re going to go back to doing the show that we do here.”

7. Wil Wheaton shows up

Wil Wheaton on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS

It’s a huge event in Sheldon’s life — how could Wheaton not show up to throw some snark?

8. You might want to have 911 on speed dial while you’re watching

Sheldon and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory
Image: Michael Yarish/CBS

“Some may need to be hospitalized with excitement, we’re told,” Bialik responded, when asked how she thinks fans will react.

How excited are you for Shamy to get their coitus on tonight?

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